About Falcon Charter Bus Company

About Falcon Charter Bus

Falcon Charter Bus is a bus reservation platform that operates in major cities across the southeastern United States. Our modern, cutting-edge technology allows us to keep track of the location of each individual bus in our network, giving us the ability to provide you with a quote in seconds and secure a bus for your group in just a few hours.

We strive to provide a stress-free booking experience to all of our passengers. Our reservation specialists work with you through all of your trip planning to ensure that you’re getting the best possible bus at the best possible rate. With us, you’ll always enjoy a comfortable and unforgettable trip.

What We Do

Falcon Charter Bus provides reliable, efficient, and modern charter bus rentals to traveling groups across the Southeast. We work with groups of all types, including wedding guests, business travelers, field trip passengers, families, assisted living communities, sports team members, and more.

Through our extensive network of charter buses, minibuses, and various models in between, we  accommodate groups of all sizes, often crafting custom fleets depending on each trip’s specific needs. You won’t need to worry about small details such as where your bus will park, which bus is best for you, or who you’ll hire to drive your bus; we handle all of the logistics so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Why Book a Private Bus?

With a private bus from Falcon Charter Bus, you’ll be in complete control of your trip. Services such as public transportation, rideshare apps, or organized group tours run on fixed schedules and may cause your group to become separated. A private bus tailored to your group will give you complete control over your itinerary and ensure that everyone stays together while you travel from one stop to the next.

When you call to book, you’re paired with an experienced reservation specialist who will work with you to find a bus outfitted with comfortable amenities based on your requests. Options include WiFi, reclining seats, power outlets, auxiliary plug-ins, extra storage space, on-board restrooms, and more to guarantee an enjoyable trip for every passenger.