Charter Bus Rental Prices

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Charter Bus Rental Prices

When you’re planning a group trip, figuring out the costs ahead of time is extremely important. At Falcon Charter Bus, we value offering our passengers up-front and transparent rental costs. Although the only way to get a quote is by talking with one of our rental experts, we can still give you an idea of how our pricing works. Keep on reading to learn more about what factors will influence your charter bus rental pricing and what’s included in your trip cost. When you’re ready for a free, personalized quote, just call 1-866-217-2168!

Charter Bus Pricing Factors

Since we specialize in personalized group transportation services, each trip will have a unique quote and pricing based on different factors (outlined below). While we provide sample itineraries with quotes, the only way to get an exact price quote is to call our team. Hourly rentals require a five-hour commitment, and daily rentals may be subject to additional charges for mile overages. 

Our prices are based on multiple factors including but not limited to:

When you’re traveling: Travel demand tends to increase in seasons like spring, summer, and around major national holidays. If you’re traveling during these times, charter buses tend to cost more due to heightened demand and more limited availability of vehicles.

Where you’re traveling: Depending on where you’re traveling, charter bus availability and demand will vary. If you’re traveling long distances or between cities, your charter bus price will be higher than a local trip.

How long you’re traveling: Trips are generally charged by the hour with a 5-hour minimum. Longer trips across bigger distances may be charged by the day or by the mile.

How many people you’re traveling with: Your passenger count will determine the size and type of bus you need to rent. Minibuses and full-size charter buses usually run at different hourly or daily rates.

How far in advance you book: Reserving your bus as far in advance as possible will help you get the best price possible. Booking last-minute often comes with difficulties of recruiting drivers and assigning vehicles that may not be readily available. Locking in your bus rental at least 3 to 6 months in advance can help avoid this.

Charter Bus Quotes

When you get a quote for your trip, your Falcon Charter Bus rental expert can help break down what is and isn’t included in your quote. Your quote will always include the cost of your bus rental and hourly or daily pay for your driver.

Your quote will not include:

Parking and tolls: The cost of parking your bus and tolls are outside of our control and we can’t predetermine these fees. It’s highly recommended to keep cash or an additional form of payment on hand for these costs.

Driver’s tip: Tipping your driver is highly recommended, as they often work hard to get you where you need to be when you need to be there. A minimum 10-15% tip of the total cost of your trip is often standard,

Driver’s hotel: Groups taking multi-day trips are required to book lodging accommodations for their charter bus driver. By law, bus drivers are required to rest for at least 8 hours for every 10 hours of driving. You’ll want your driver to be well-rested, so make sure they have a comfortable hotel room. We recommend at least a 3-star accommodation to ensure they’re well-rested for the road.

Cleaning fees: A cleaning fee will only be charged post-trip if your group leaves any trash or makes a mess on the bus. Under most circumstances, cleaning fees for each bus are up to $250.

Here are a few group trip examples of how our pricing works (Keep in mind that these are only examples and you’ll need to contact us for a free quote.)

The Miami Field Trip 

A local Miami youth organization is planning a field trip to Zoo Miami. The youth organization has 35 children plus 4 chaperones. With 39 passengers, the organization requests one spacious full-size charter bus rental at a rate of $149 per hour. The youth organization plans to depart for Frost at 10 a.m., enjoy a day at the museum with hands-on educational programs, and return at 3 p.m.

Rental ($149 x 5 hours): $745
Driver tip: $90
Parking at the zoo:
Free Total cost: $835

The New Orleans Bachelorette Trip

A group of 16 friends from Texas is planning a 4-day bachelorette trip to New Orleans before a wedding bash back home. The friends opt to fly into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport where their driver picks them up in a compact 18-passenger minibus. Since the group is traveling for multiple days, the minibus rental will cost $1,200 per day. The group also secures a comfortable hotel room for their driver and overnight accommodations for their New Orleans bus.

Rental ($1,200 x 4 days): $4,800
Driver hotel ($100 x 4 nights): $400
Overnight parking for bus ($50 per night x 4 nights) : $200
Driver tip: $300
Total cost: $5,700

The Business Convention in Orlando

An annual Orlando business convention is planning to offer an attendee shuttle service to and from the Orange County Convention Center and nearby hotels. The event planners are organizing 3 shuttle routes in the area to run throughout the 8-hour event. They reserve 3 full-size charter bus rentals for the event.

Rental ($140 x 8 hours x 3 buses): $3,360
Parking for buses: Free at the venue
Driver tip (x 3 drivers): $300 per driver or $900
Total cost: $4,260

The Atlanta Soccer Club Game

A local Atlanta soccer club has an away game coming up in Nashville. Rather than carpooling, the team opts to rent a 25-passenger minibus for everyone to ride together. The team plans to stay overnight in Nashville and explore the city for a few hours before returning to Atlanta the following day. Between driving, sightseeing, and the game—the team’s minibus rental will be charged $1,250 per day for 2 days. The team also books a hotel room for their driver and pays to overnight park their bus.

Rental ($1,250 x 2 days): $2,500
Driver hotel (1 night): $90
Overnight parking for bus (1 night) : $60
Driver tip: $250
Total cost: $2,900