Wedding Shuttle Bus & Charter Bus Rental

Let Falcon Charter Bus provide smooth and efficient transportation services at your Tampa wedding. We’ll schedule a shuttle service just for your group and make sure everyone arrives safely and on-time to every wedding event. 

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Travel to Wedding Events with Ease

Falcon Charter Bus makes it easy for guests to arrive at every wedding event with ease. From the bachelorette party to the reception, we’ll ensure that every guest can enjoy a safe and stylish ride throughout your wedding. We’ll pair your group with a professional driver who will handle all navigation, so you can relax and enjoy your big day without worrying about how your guests will arrive!


Private Shuttle Services

Connect guests to your reception venue from your hotel and ceremony space with a private shuttle service, reserved just for your event. Instead of relying on hotel shuttles or rideshare services, you and your guests can enjoy a personalized service that will run on your schedule and service your group exclusively. Ensure that everyone arrives on-time without getting lost along the way, and when your event is finished, all guests will have a guaranteed safe ride back to your hotel.

Buses for Guest Lists of All Sizes

Falcon Charter Bus is always equipped to handle groups of all sizes. Whether you’re keeping it simple with an intimate wedding or throwing a bash with hundreds of guests, we’ve got exactly what you need to transport everyone. Depending on your needs, we can book a compact, 18-passenger minibus or a full-sized, 56-passenger coach to service your wedding.

On-Board Amenities to “Wow” Guests

Choose from a selection of premium amenities aboard your bus to keep guests comfortable and entertained. Options include WiFi, power outlets, reclining seats, a PA system, auxiliary plug-ins, and air conditioning, many of which will be available at no additional cost.

Book Your Tampa Wedding Bus Today

Let Falcon Charter Bus help take the stress out of your wedding planning. We’re available 24 hours a day to book the perfect transportation for your upcoming Tampa wedding! Give us a call at 813-944-3146 to learn more.

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